Yoga and Meditation


Welcome. We offer group Yin Yoga and meditation classes in Athens, Greece.

By taking the opportunity to slow down, be mindful, and anchor in the present moment, our classes can be a powerful tool for self-discovery, body awareness, and total relaxation.

  • As a Kundalini Yoga teacher and a Krav Maga student, I find Yin Yoga to a be perfect complement to more dynamic practices. The classes are deep, restorative and refreshing. Camille has a really calm, supportive manner and the one hour class seems to fly by. Highly recommend!
    — Lynn Roulo, Kundalini Teacher
  • I love Camille's teaching. She is the perfect yin teacher: calm, gentle and precise. I feel strongly relaxed and also more energized after her classes.
    — Camille Poiret
  • After each session of yin yoga with Camille, I experience deep release of tension, improved flexibility, balance, and relaxation. I absolutely love its slow-paced style and Camille is such a great and supportive teacher, that I almost never miss a class. Thank you, Camille, for this wonderful experience of deep relaxation you are offering us!
    — Sophia Vlastou